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Aurora - Elevon, Ailevator & Taileron Settings

Originally Posted by grahamfoster View Post
I have a problem with my Aurora: I have 2 servos on elevons on my Funjet but cannot get them to work properly. I get the ailerons right but the elevator is reversed. I go to reverse elevator and the ailerons are then wrong, sometimes I end up withe elevator stick making one go up and one go down. I have tried changing the servo leads which are in Channel 1 & 2 with no effect. If I look at Monitor , everything looks correct. If its relevant the servos are Hitec HS 65HB s
Can anybody help?
When setting up model in either Acro or Glider mode, under system menu select
[MDL type] > [Wing] > (page 2/1) > [2AILE] or with separate flaps as appropriate.
. Default then places servos/channels as shown in attached extract from Optic 6 manual.
. Default is as with Hitec Servos, standard clockwise rotation.
If using Futaba servos or clones thereof which rotate in the reverse direction, open [System] menu > [reverse] reverse channel 1 & 2.
See also page 103 of Aurora manual, extract attached.

As servo horn arrangement may differ, following extract from a previous post relating to an another transmitter with aftermarket mixer,
may assist.
(read servo reverse in Aurora model menu in lieu of switch):
1. Set all servo reversing switches to Normal, and start again with Left aileron in Ch1, Right aileron in ch 2.
Ensure both horns either face toward the fuselage or both horns face out toward the wing tips.
If not then operating correctly,
2. Swap the servo leads to the opposite pins. AOK = good or
3. Swap leads back to orignal pins and reverse switch ch 1, if NOK reverse switch ch 2.
If still NOK switch ch 1 back to Normal. AOK = good. NOK:
5. Swap servo leads to opposite pins on mixer, retry and then in need, reverse switch ch 1, if NOK reverse switch ch 2.
If still NOK switch ch 1 back to Normal. AOK = good.
NOK One of the above, usually 1, will work with a Futaba Skysport 4VF series 4ch TX (which are a very basic TX),
Futaba Receiver and standard battery pack.:

Delta (Flying Wing) Launch Mode:
For those that desire a little extra Up Elevator during launch:

1. Model Type GLID, use the launch Function (as attached).

2. Model Type ACRO (Launch Function and some other mixes are disabled)
. Select [Camber Mix] during intial setup, assign switch G then enable "On" = Launch mode,
in forward position and flip back "Off" for normal flight.
. Return to CAMB.Mix screen, set:
AILE> Normal "S" OFF (& ON)
AILE: 0% / +50%, change to ELEV screen., set:
ELEV> Normal "S" OFF (& ON)
ELEV: 0% / -50%
Tested AOK on Twinjet, adjust % as required. The A9 monitor is a good guide..

other related information in need.
Aurora A9 - Delta Wing - set up EPA, D/R & EXP w/photos
Aurora A9 - Ailevator & Tailerons
- includes an example of a set up for a RA5C Vigilante (ailevators/elevons on the horizontal tail plane and flaps on the wing )

Aurora A9, Spectra Modules & Optima Transceivers - FAQ & Undocumented Features
- Mixes, Setups, Tips. {Individual Links often updated}

Alan T.
Alan's Hobby, Model & RC FAQ Web Links
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