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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
OK... you tried to do the date stamp removal with a "first generation" camera in spite of the warnings, and turned your camera in a Zombie! Are you doomed forever? Well maybe not!

If you have or know some one with some small scale soldering skills, you might be able to do some micro-surgery to replace a key component on the camera circuit board and bring life back to your bricked camera. One vendor (internet-shop365) had offered to send a user who bricked his camera a replacement IC (6 pin, surface mount) chip to revive his camera and also allow new date removal firmware to be flashed in (I think). I have attached a picture of the circuit board and component in question to show it's size and location.

The person who bricked his had purchased his camera from this vendor, who had given the files and directions for their use. So this solution may not be available to any one else, nor do I know what the cost might be for the replacement IC. I'm providing this information on a FYI basis only.

If it were me and I could get the chip at a reasonable price compared to the initial cost of the camera, I'd give it a try with a very sharp tipped, low wattage soldering iron! I love challenges!
er er I count 8 pins on the thing pointed to
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