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Camera Identification, Specs, and Sources

So far, 12 eBay stores (linked by some business arrangement) have been identified selling the REAL #11 HD key cam. There has been no negative user feedback posted here on any of these stores, and positive feedback has been posted of receiving good service and vendors standing behind their product if any problems come up that are not caused by user abuse, crash damage, etc. I bought my camera from the first one, hxelepro360, and can personally recommend this store based on the excellent, speedy service and support both before and after my purchase.

hxelepro360 eletoponline365 digitalele889 beetleonline kdataonline999 Digitaleletech168

power-gps internet-shop365 powerdigital898 eletech086 cuspdigitalele666 Accesseletech2010

Prices can vary slightly from one vendor to the other, and can change from one day to the next. Also, the accessories include with the cameras can vary and can impact the price. The key differences of this camera compared to the old low res "808" version will normally be highlighted in the eBay ad. Look for the frame size and frame rate to be 1280 x 720 @ 30 fps, the H.264 video codec, and/or the .MOV file format. The detailed specification that frequently accompany the add banner may also have these details. Some sample eBay ads and specs for this camera are attached below.

This new HD version is vastly different internally from the old low res version. Internal pictures are attached below, and the original camera (v1) CMOS sensor data sheet is available here. The latest camera versions (v2) appear to have a different CMOS sensor based on the different ribbon cable trace pattern and a number (C971P) printed on it, but this has not been confirmed. Slightly less low light sensitivity has been reported with the v2, but otherwise similar picture quality.

UPDATE 9/19/2011

Another bogus #11HD seller has been identified, with Ebay ID of yysimon0400_cn, and Ebay store name of theworldofsimon. They have pirated an authroized seller web listing and photos, and their camera is not from the #11HD developer. Do not buy from this seller!

UPDATE 7/16/2011

I have been advised by the #11 developer that there is an Ebay seller that is selling fake versions of the #11. Their ads have stolen the exact specs and images from the listings of his eight eBay vendors listed above. They look like the real deal at a bargain price ($30 delivered with an 8GB memory card!), but the developer has confirmed they are NOT his cameras, and so far there is no information on their performance.

SO BUYER BEWARE! The fake #11 camera eBay seller is: fashionjewellery125

If anyone finds any definitive information on the performance of these fake cameras, please PM me.

Update 6/1/2011

The current cameras (v3) are showing a revised circuit board with several new components and a few other components rearranged or deleted. The only difference noted so far is the function of the LEDs when powering the camera via the special cable such as comes on the car charger. The prior version did not show the red charging LED light up when the camera battery was charging and the new one does. A picture showing the differences (circled in yellow) between the v2 and v3 cameras is attached below.

Update 6/2/2011

A new "Jumbo" version of the #11 has just been released. It is functionally identical to the v3 with identical CMOS/Lens module and video processor IC, but has a different circuit board layout and a larger battery, good for about 100 min. recording times. It uses the same firmware and comes in three slightly different case configurations with several different trim schemes as well. Case sizes are 65x35x18mm or 70x34x18mm depending on what style you picked (compare to the original 51x32x14mm case). All of these will be referred to generically as the "Jumbo #11" in this thread and will be given no other special coverage. A photo of the Jumbos and the original is attached.

Update 10/20/2011

The Jumbo version is now also available in a whimsical "Smiley face" case, with the lens oriented on the front of the face (in the mouth). The case is designed to be hung on the post of a car rear view mirror so it can record the travel out through the windshield. Other than those differences, the camera is identical in function to the other Jumbo cameras.
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