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Originally Posted by radiocloclo View Post
Perfect the software eePe functions correctly and I could charge the eeprom and the flash.
Now, I have another problem, the radio reset constantly!
Did somebody already have this problem I believe?
How to solve that.
Thank you to help me.
I wish a Happy new Year to all.

I'm not sure what you mean by "constantly" but it is probably related to this problem. From what we can tell, some of the radios have a problem with their voltage regulators and can't handle the extra tiny draw for the EL backlight and it resets. There are some solutions suggested there. One thing to try (to confirm this is your problem)... plug the radio in with the USB and does the problem go away? Or at least it doesn't reboot as often? then go into the menu and turn OFF the light. Problem stops? If so, then you have the problem and should see the link above. If not, then it is something else... possibly a poor connection (but probably no if you were able to successfully flash the radio).

Originally Posted by John Kim View Post
I am happy with Turnigy 9X as it comes. I am not a technician and I don't know how to use such a gadget, anyway.
Then one might wonder why you posted here? Nobody's telling you that you must buy it or use custom firmware.

Originally Posted by John Kim View Post
Only modification I made is 2S LiPo battery instead of 8AA. It keeps beeping to warn low battery voltage. I don't mind. It reminds me that TX power is switched on.
Now I'm telling you that must use custom firmware! That beeping is going to get OLD quick. If not for you, then for anyone within 100 feet of you!

- Steven
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