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Woooooot! Got two FPV flights in today with my Sky Surger.

The wind finally died down so I hit the field. First flight was non-FPV just to trim her out and had two more FPV flights after. She flew great!

The funny thing is that the field that I flew at wraps around a school so I was pretty much invisible to anyone on the left side since I was on the right. When I was flying, through my cam, I noticed a group of kids on the left side sitting in a circle all in black, probably smoking herb. Oblivious to me since I wasn't in their line of site but they were watching my plane.

On the first FPV flight I took off my goggles at the end to land because I was nervous. On the second flight I landed with the goggles on and ended up about 100 yards away from myself. On the left side of the field.

One of the kids tried to steal my plane! I was walking towards it and looked through a hallway going between two buildings and I saw one of the kids get up and start running towards my plane. I ran towards it as well and once he saw me come out from around the building he turned around and ran back to his friends. Oi vey, only in Miami.

Was still some great flights, next time I will land closer!
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