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The "bulb in series" ballast regulator is a very old trick. I had a cheap NiCd trickle charger that was nothing more than a 7 watt night light bulb and a diode in series with the batteries you were charging connected directly to line voltage. There was a safety interlock switch that prevented the circuit from being energized unless the lid was shut to prevent shock.

The wall wart that came with the 4 channel toy heli has a two color LED in it. When the wall wart is plugged in, the green part lights up. When the LiPo is accepting charge, the red part lghts up and the light glows amber. WHen the PCB in the battery cuts off, the light goes back to green. They probably have the red LED across a dropping resistor so it lights up when the pack is accepting charge current.

I was thinking that those little LiPo batteries used in helis like the Blade mCX and mSR would be a good conversion because they have a connector on the end. You would just have to rig a holder in the right spot to maintain CG. I don't think those batteries have a protection circuit board, so you would have to use one from the original battery for LVC and HVC.
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