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I've got this step down fairly well, however I'm stuck at one point. When it's to the left of me, I turn it cw to bring it back around, and when it's off to the right, I turn it ccw. I'm having trouble going the other way. In other words, bringing it around thru nose-in. This also keeps me from doing cool, big circles, like Mick. Like Mick mentions during his video, I have a hard time seeing the thing well enough when it's far away. For example, if it's right side-in, let's say, and it's far off, and I see the skids come out of plane, I have a hard time telling if it's coming towards me or going away from me. Someone in one of the CB100 threads was talking about some printable canopies that once could print out yourself--maybe that would help see it a bit.

Thanks in advance for any advice, sorry it's not exactly 4F200 specific,


You could try lights.... I fly at night in my drive way lights and find these do help if wander too far.

The blue light on the bottom is from my battery voltage monitor $5.95 money well spent I think.

The other lights are from here:

I transferred the setup to the 4F200 canopy. I am only using 3 lights per side for the sequential (I broke one). I actually usually just use the on steady red/green LED on each side.....looks less like a Tijuana taxi.

Sorry for the poor phone video quality, but you get the idea.
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