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From what I can see, the PCB on these LiPo's performs the following:

1: Overcurrent protection - if there is an overload, it will cut power and not reset until the electrical load is removed.

2: Over discharge protection - it will cut power (rather abrubtly) when the LiPo is exhausted.

3: Over charge protection - it will terminate the charge when the LiPo hits 4.2V

It does not regulate the charging current. A simple series resistor can accomplish this, or an constant current IC regulator. You'll want to set the charge current to a 1C rate. (180mAh should charge for approx 1 hour at 180mA)

I had ordered some spare parts for my Falcon 8913 heli, and it came with a spare battery. I charged it with a 5 volt power supply with a flashlight bulb in series as a ballast. When the cell hit 4.2V - the PCB cut the charge and the light bulb went out.
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