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Originally Posted by rew-7 View Post
Hi Rio

Got the new Rx2702V fitted and see what you mean with the tail set up. However I have got my tail solid. First of ignore all the usual gyro setting rules with this one, I think the key is matching the Rx gyro with a servo that it likes and the ball position on the arm. I'm not saying this will work for you but I'm using a JR 380G with approx 5-6mm ball length on the arm. Servo needs to be around 90deg with zero tail pitch then set travel etc.
I too really like this Rx from the little bit of flying that I've managed to do this is one solid FBL system, I'm almost thinking of trying one on my B400 instead of a BeastX! Almost!
Walkera done good for once-at least they've screwed up the 120d05 to even things out.

I am glad you got yours sorted. I think I heard the JR380g is the JR290g here in the US.

I later found that I needed the initial swash mixing values to be set at at least 85% on the initial setup to make sure I had full PIT/AIL/ELE travels ( PIT<|-45|>+ ELE<20> +AIL<20> = 85. Check out this thread if you haven't already:

I have found it is pretty sensitive to vibrations. I used a thicker foam bottom pad and a thin foam and metal plate from an Align gyro mounting kit. I tried the clear silcone gel tape (Parma), but it gave me tail wagging.

My ball to servo center distance for the tail servo is 3.5 mm. My gain is at 70% and my delay is about 11 O'clock. This is with the Ino-Labs D201HB Servo
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