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Originally Posted by Rafa's CB100 View Post
Hi Guys,

I wanted to update a bit. After 134 flights, and having to adjust my throttle curves up over the past while, I swapped the motor over from my other 4F200, and what a difference it made! With the curves as they were, it was really a zinger.

I don't really know that much about brushless motors, but I was thinking that I might be able to feel the difference between the 2 motors, I mean with the motors in my hands. I was thinking that the worn motor's magnets would not be as strong or something, but I really couldn't tell the difference. I also did not see the play that ri0grand described with his first motor. The only observable difference was in the flight characteristics, especially after 3 or so flights in a row (lack of 'punch').

I filmed some of this morning's flights (with the fresh motor), so here it is. I haven't filmed in a while. I'd like to have a cameraman now:

Maybe someone can offer some flying advice. I've been flying lately in this parking lot that you see, usually further from the power lines. It's not as big a space as Mick's recent video. I can hover pretty well in everything but nose-in, but I can fly toward myself and hover nose-in for a few seconds before getting nervous and bringing her around. Lately I've been taking the heli over to the left of me, then passing it in front of myself, over to the right, then turning it around and coming back in front of myself again. Those are 'circuits', right?

I've got this step down fairly well, however I'm stuck at one point. When it's to the left of me, I turn it cw to bring it back around, and when it's off to the right, I turn it ccw. I'm having trouble going the other way. In other words, bringing it around thru nose-in. This also keeps me from doing cool, big circles, like Mick. Like Mick mentions during his video, I have a hard time seeing the thing well enough when it's far away. For example, if it's right side-in, let's say, and it's far off, and I see the skids come out of plane, I have a hard time telling if it's coming towards me or going away from me. Someone in one of the CB100 threads was talking about some printable canopies that once could print out yourself--maybe that would help see it a bit.

Thanks in advance for any advice, sorry it's not exactly 4F200 specific,

Maybe the bearing could have been going in the old motor. They are easy to get to.

I find turning CW to right of me and CCW to the left of me harder also. I want more room doing a turn in towards me is most of it. I have been practicing a slow CCW piro to the left of me and CCW to the right to get used to initiating and controlling in a limited space.

A more experienced flyer passed this suggestion on to me: Practice flying straight out and stop, pivot 180, and then fly nose-in towards yourself and then stop, pivot 180. Then repeat the sequence at various angles with yourself as one end of the vector. You can probably already do 0 (straight out) , -90 (straight left), +90 (straight right). try to do them in 15 degree increments to get comfortable with nose in from all directions. Work on maintaining a straight line. When you get good at this, fly the same exercise flying backwards. You can then try the same thing right-side in and left-side in. If you get bored with this do it inverted.....

It may sound boring, but I think it goes a long to "mastering" all orientations. A lot of people will say they have their orientations down, but a lot of them just avoid the angles they aren't good at.

Just wanted to pass on to you what was passed on to me from way better flyers than me.
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