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Originally Posted by Astrodavid View Post
I received my Minimoa just a few days ago, and have been quietly making the various mods as suggested on this extremely helpful forum. (THANKS!!)

Although I have been flying and building RC models for many years, I have been unable to determine how to properly attach the wings so that they are really secure on the fuselage.

It appears that after inserting the V-spar, the wings are slid together and then the red plastic retainer plate is pressed onto the wings. As far as I can see there are then just two nylon bolts that go through the red plate and through the foam wings...but they do NOT attach to anything I can see on the airplane.!! As a result, only the magnetic canopy (sort of) holds the wings on. Is this correct? This seems very weak to me. (perhaps I am missing a part?)

Can someone kindly explain how the wings are correctly secured to the fuselage?

Many many thanks!

Dave - Chilly Kansas City, USA
There are two threaded nuts that are located on the inside of the fuse ..... if they are not in place do not fly!!!!!! ..... if you push the two bolts into postion too strongly you can end up pushing the nuts and their plastic containers away from the fuse and thus fail to engage with the bolts ...... if this is the case you may find the nuts/containers stuck somewhere randomely inside the fuse (they are bonded into postion with a rather gooey glue that would make them stick just about anywhere once they come loose) ..... have a carefull look ..... they may need re-bonding into postion ....
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