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I bench tested a Monster Power 46.
I used a Gens Ace 5S 25C 3300mAh battery.
Internal resistance on the battery was very low at averaging 2 milliohms per cell.

Here are the results for the props I had on hand
MP46 Kv test
12.26V 8320RPM measured 680KV using 3S
5S Gens Ace 2mOhm per cell 10x7 APCe 20.6V 12000RPM 36A 19.7V under load 710W
5S Gens Ace 2mOhm per cell 11x7 APCe 20.5V 11500RPM 38A 19.3V under load 731W
5S Gens Ace 2mOhm per cell 11x8.5 APCe 19.95V 10600RPM 55A 18.5V under load 1017W
5S Gens Ace 2mOhm per cell 10x10 APCe 19.7V 10700RPM 47A 18.6V under load 874W

The 10x7 was pulling pretty close to what a Nitro .46 would pull for RPMS but this is with a freshbattery that has a really low Internal Resistance. Other packs, I think would be better with a larger diameter or larger pitch prop.

Note that if you use a flightmax, blue lipo or similar more budget batteries, the voltage drop under load will be more than the Gens Ace and thus your RPM, current and wattage draws will be less.

Since this motor is 800W/40A continuous and about 1100W/55A burst, that 11x8.5 prop would be for short 10-15 second bursts.
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