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Buying used is a good idea.

Buying new can make you nervous as they are gorgeous planes.

I along with Mike would like to own one of each and agree it won't be the last DLG you'll ever buy.

No matter where you start you'll want more: From Topsky TS1 on up. I'd say that model or price range is a good starting point and will make you feel like you are in a competitive position. Anything below that price range can be fun though and get you hooked. I've caught thermals with the Alula and the Elf. I know that many people like 1 meter minis or the balsa or foam build ups like the mountain models or the other 50 inch wings. They're a riot and fun to fly,but if you have a DL50 or Quickflick 2, you'll be super jealous when you finally fly with someone who has a Topsky TS1 or better. You'll feel like you're in a different league. But then again, once you get the competitive bug from flying in that arena - you'll soon want more... and more... and more. I'm sure for those who have a Stobel are dying for the next best thing to come...
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