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Originally Posted by Extremeace View Post
Do I dare ask what order you'd put these in? Mike, Jeremy, Jim, boys? I understand you may each have different order. I'm just plotting and schemeing, this month looks good at work, and it's a BIG investment!
I won't even make the attempt. They are all excellent planes, well proven with many faithful followers. Each will give you the contest performance boost you are looking for. I'll take one of each, thank you!

I will confess only this - if I were buying one new mid-level model I would personally look longest and hardest at the B3. But only for one reason... VISIBILITY. I struggle seeing the dull tan KEVLAR colored bagged planes (Vandal, Taboo, Aradhana's line) at longer distances . I haven't flown one yet (hint hint Jeremy ), but have flown the B2 and watched the B3 fly. They all have features that make them great. I don't know how anything could fly nicer than my Vandal. But man I like those neon B3 colors!

On the other hand, if I were a serious competitor and had the money then I would step it up and get a second Stobel, or try a Concept X2. I have flown the Steig a bit (thanks Dave R!) and loved it too. It seems to launch the highest of anything I've thrown. I've seen the FW5 in person and it is simply gorgeous, and flies awesome. Bruce Davidson does tremendous things with the Sirius. Oleg kicks butt with the Taboo. Aradhana can compete with anybody with his line. Even the inexpensive Topsky and Predator fly great and can hold their own in the right hands... My best advice, just get whatever tickles your fancy the most, then fly it a lot. It won't be the last DLG you ever buy, I promise. I had more fun and learned the most with my first sub $200 beater than with any of the more expensive models that followed. Lots of extra dollars buy a bit more performance in the tougher conditions, if you are seeking that little extra edge in competition. They don't buy more fun.

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