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Originally Posted by thomer View Post
My EXP tracks so solid and true like on rails, but when I try 3D flying/harrier, I get a decent amount of wing rock. I've tried moving the battery to different locations, but not having much success. Setup is Torque 2814/820 motor, 12x6 prop, 4s 2200 packs, Hitec HS-65mgs all around and fly with the SFG's. Any suggestions? Is the EXP fairly CG senstive?
It's not really rock. It's just that with a full 88 degrees of elevator movement harrier can be a little tricky. With that much throw it is easy to rotate the plane so hard that you dump whatever partial lift you are getting off the airframe. In harrier you are right on the ragged edge of a complete stall, and having the elevator authority to rotate past the critical angle of attack can put you over the edge.

Once I figured this out I started concentrating on using less elevator in harrier and that helped. We have never had this kind of elevator movement to play with before, so it's a bit of a learning process.

Lately I've been setting my low rate for 100% rudder and ailerons, and dropping the elevator to 50 degrees. Basically, all I have is a high/low for the elevator only. Low is my harrier and general flying around rate, and I use the high rate for tumbles, walls, parachites, etc. This works well, but I'de rather fly on just one rate, so I have just learned to fly the plane on high rate and work on getting my harrier better.
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