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Clearly Alex has come up with a design that has grabbed the interest of many and I hope he continues to provide a low cost diy option with the Wii stuff,
And great to ask people for suggestions / what they want first... This thread is very timely as I think the next few weeks will show some more feedback of the sensors

Personally I would maybe take a slightly different approach for those not wanting the DIY solution.

A 328 based board that mimics the current setup.
Including Gyros, accelerometers, software config
But include gyros and accelerometers built in. i.e. not using any Wii components
Power / status LED and buzzer included.
Also the Serial interface for LCD/GUI/Programming
I haven't experienced the benefits of using a baro chip. If it's that good, then include that too!
Don't care which chipsets - but good performance at a fair price.
I2C i/f for stackable board - maybe gps etc in future
Nice if standard 50*50

I'm with Rev Rich - don't rule out those analogues. I'm not seeing the same stability for FPV/AP in the Wii as I did with a Murata piezo gyro setup (HK401/KKmulticopter).

I guess what I'm saying is I believe there is a demand for a ready to go equivalent of the current DIY setup. Similar to the KKcontroller. Not everyone has the skill to even solder.

As for other more advanced options then I guess got to look at whatever it takes for a low cost alternative to the functionality of a MK Octo
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