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saving 5888 motors from early death ....

Originally Posted by djdavies83 View Post
Dude you sound like a real expert on this craft, I'm sure many people would love to see a dedicated 5888 tuning/care thread.

I really want to get one of these in the new year so.....

About stopping to let the motor cool in the first 1-2mins, so a few gentle short hops or is there a better method?
For a new heli, check at the first 30 seconds, then at the 1 min, then at the 90 sec mark. You'll soon find out, after many flights, if your heli needs to be checked first at which time.

What one is checking for is a slightly warm aluminum covering (which is actually NOT touching the metal motor). I use my lower lip as a sensitive test. And smell the motors up close if I am concerned!

My supplier Marcel sells MANY, MANY motors to his Swiss customers who have not read this thread! No joke!!

Generally, I stop & check a "used" and TUNED! heli at the 1 minute mark, let it cool to room temp, then fly maybe 2 more mins and check again. At the end, they can often fly for 2 min periods w/o getting hot ( > WARM on alu cladding!).

If you go through my (too!) many posts in this thread, you can garner a lot of info I have slowly learned (the hard way!, why I am warning folks here to frequently & carefully check motor temps!).

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