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Don't worry i will document everything. i got a document on Rich Matt's AC spinnaker set up without pics (i think he even sent me a copy of the AMYA magazine with the article in it) and will probably copy majority of what he has done, except i will have it as an asymmetrical kite instead of the symmetrical so i will be able to gybe as well (document is attached).

sorry i can't remember what website it was, but i'm pretty sure it was a french site.. they didn't have many pics/articles on it there was a couple more pics of it sailing without the kite. i will take a stab in the dark on the controls of the jib maybe 1 winch with say port sheet attached to one drum and starboard attached to the other in the opposite direction, so when one is pulled on it lets the other sheet off. as for halyards, i am guessing it is a different servo (winch) which has to raise or lower the jib, so i would take a guess that they sheet the jib on as tight as they can (the winch probably set up for this) then drop the jib (once the kite is up and full) and hope the jib doesn't go in the water.

ps I am going for Wild Oats XI to win sydney to hobart line honours (used to work for skipper Mark Richards). hopefully be on South head to watch them come around the corner!

majority of photo's are copyrighted from where i don't know!
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When you install your spinnaker, I for one would appreciate your documenting the installation. Do you have any other pictures of the boat in your post with the spinnaker?

How are the jib and spinnaker controlled? What prevents the jib from going in the water? I have only seen one other RC yacht with a working spinnaker. I have read of a number of guys that have attempted to do it, but were not able to succeed.

How is the spinnaker managed and released? This is something I would dearly like to be able to set up.

Any other photos out there of RC yachts with functioning spinnakers?

Thank you for sharing these photos!
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