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Arthur or Martha?

After two crashes (signal and servo failures) I decided to use this for experiments. If reflex is needed to counteract pitching with a wing (and I needed weight at the rear) why not a rod with a minimal stabiliser and minimal fin (vertical stabiliser)? When is a wing no longer a wing? Except that this uses only elevons, still. The stabiliser has a few(2-4) degrees negative incidence which now allows the elevons to follow the profile of the wing and not act as air brakes – reflexed – and the balance and stability are good. The responses up/down, left/right turn are quite good. I can fly it up and down a small field one meter from the ground with no problem. The glide is very good and turning in thermals easy. A combination of wing fences, washout and the fin make its lateral stability very good and its stall – it stops and parachutes! I try to make my electric gliders cruise on low power (slow speed) as flat as possible to see any thermals they enter. Not always possible with a wing plus cambered, lifting aerofoil; with this mini stabiliser it’s possible. It holds a line in some wind ,has good penetration for its weight ,under 200gms, and looks great in the sky. After twice intending to abandon it, I am now very satisfied; it’s easy to build and an exciting compromise. Does it matter if it doesn’t know whether it’s “Arthur or Martha?”…..Some ideas then…
Why does it go up when the elevons/ aerolons are raised? One would expect it to do the opposite. It’s a stabilised wing still working well on elevons! (Could they be used as flaps to increase lift in thermals?) More pitching movement/ force so then it would need more down stabiliser?!!
I have now had it in a dozen thermals and flown it for up to half an hour on a 360 2S battery without thermals so the drag must be low .It has become a favourite! and very easy to build.
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