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6 mins, nonstop? whooooooops ....! ;-))

Originally Posted by scotsoft View Post
At last my 5888 was delivered today, I was beginning to think it was lost somewhere in our great postal system.
First impressions are the heli looks good, the transmitter looks cheap but works fine, especially that high low setting
I have had two flights with it so far and was happier with the second flight which lasted 6 mins (I did time it) before it started to lose hight. I let it cool before charging up again. I will say it is well worth 30 and can see me having a lot of fun with this good looking heli
You did not mention STOPPING several times to let the motors cool!

If you fly like that, without stopping for cooling, especially during or at the first minute after a full charge, you are extremely unlikely to have many more 6 min flts, and you will soon find the heli spinning in pretty circles on the ground, needing a new motor (one usually dies first).

I have now bought NINE of these, and have also read earlier posts to confirm the above (very early motor burn-out, usually caused by hot motors, indicated by WARM [only!]) aluminum shrouding around motor .... which is NOT touching motor, and only receives slight heat from plastic + radiated heat! > warm alu = very HOT! motor).

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