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May want to start with something a bit more glider'ish. Sure you've been flying 3d, but it's nothing compared to FPV. I flew pattern for a few years before making the switch. I've flown a few 55mm and 64mm jets. Both are pretty tame vs some stuff you can get into with FPV.

Start with the Star series (Easy Star, Twin Star) or grab a Skywalker (Full or Mini). The Skywalker is roughly the same price as the Mig. Once you're used to the perspective and flying FPV, switch back to the Jets. I'd hate to see you bust up a perfectly good jet and get discouraged.

Haha, yeahhh... Sorry, I edited the page to say I already owned the Mig-15.

The mig-15 actually has some really great gliding characteristics for an EDF, it is also incredibly durable and easy to fix. It tops out at about 35ish-mph WOT and weighs about a pound. I was going to use it because it's already quite beat up, but it stills flys very straight. I was actually worried about wrecking a new plane, lol. It has more then adequate protection for my FPV equipment, and I'm sure it will wear out soon enough either way. I was honestly just hoping it would be slow enough. From what I have read, most people start with either an easystar or a plane they are very familiar with. All i have is the ladder :/

*also worth noting I had installed a cheap $30 ebay camera on it with Velcro and made about 10 flights. I hoped this would help me get used to what I should expect to see when making the move to FPV. Unfortunately the cheepy camera was zoomed very far in, so it was always hard to see the ground and the sky together. The first thing I learned from that was that you can see a whole lot of stuff you never knew was there, and to pick out your landmarks accordingly.
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