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Finally getting into FPV, and selecting my first FPV setup!

Hey, I've been flying 3D planes for a few years, all Depron Foamies and a few EDF jets. I finally Decided I would try FPV after reading up on it for a long time.

I worked out what gear I would like to get on (a very tight) budget, which I listed below. I'm looking forward to your feedback, incase I've made a major oversight in my setup or my wallet!

This is what I currently own and plan to fly as my FPV platform:
*I'll be upgrading to something else after I get used to flying, as I'm pretty sure it can carry the extra weight.
64mm EDF Mig-15 (24x24 inches)

My main FPV Gear: Approx: $600 USD
Custom FPV Starter Package: 900MHz
* RMRC-540 Camera (with built in video settings OSD)
* 900MHz 500mW Transmitter (set at 910MHz for US/Canada sales)
* 900MHz Receiver
* 8dBi Patch Antenna
* 460mAh 3s batteries (2) or 500mAh 3s batteries (2) depending on availability
* FatShark RCV922 Video googles

* Also adding a 3dBi whip antenna for flying around myself (I'll change between the patch and the whip as needed before flight).

Note* It's winter here, so I was hoping to possibly pilot this thing from inside my car - since I have a ridiculously bad tolerance to cold in my hands due to poor circulation. The video gear won't have any problems, but my Radio TX is a problem.


I've been using a Spektrum DX7 up till now, and rather then add a 1watt booster to it ($70 mod).. I think I might now need new radio system. lol. I would be selling my DX7 for a Futuba 7ch or 9ch, however there are a dozen different models in both 72mhz and 2.4ghz, and I really don't know what would be ideal for me. I really only need one that can do that test pattern thing (test pattern of back and forth movements on a servo channel), and can accept a head-tracker. I would also need the ability to mount the antenna externally on a tripod with a relatively cheap mod - piped back to the radio, but I'm sure that's for another thread post.

Thanks for your input!
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