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Originally Posted by Fly Wheel View Post
Now there's a good idea. When someone asks "Why build when you can just buy?" just answer "So, what do you do when conditions won't let you fly? You build!"

And DGrant, to make your "enemy's" posts disappear from your screen, just go to "My RC Groups". in the list on the left hand side find "Edit Ignore list". In the box type the user name of the "person" you want to eliminate. All his or her posts will be empty.
And if you live in a area where there's year round flying? That's my problem here. We do have a "windy season" that can last for 3 months in the spring but you can still fly. I manage to get some done. This is a interesting thread it's about how to bring back building but IMO it's alive and well. There are plenty of guys who build that just don't post here about it. Not to mention the amount of Kit cutters ,plan suppliers and actual kits are still out there just not as popular due to the ARF. Which financially cut into the kit building. When the average guy looking to get into this looks at all the extra financial investment to do a kit (and the extra time) then looks at a ARF, which ones he going for. Just a sign of the times. Like the AMA the membership is "graying" and on the decline. The next few years will be very interesting as far as the growth of the hobby.
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