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Originally Posted by Fly Wheel View Post
Now there's a good idea. When someone asks "Why build when you can just buy?" just answer "So, what do you do when conditions won't let you fly? You build!"

And DGrant, to make your "enemy's" posts disappear from your screen, just go to "My RC Groups". in the list on the left hand side find "Edit Ignore list". In the box type the user name of the "person" you want to eliminate. All his or her posts will be empty.
Not quite sure to what you're referring too, as far as enemies... haha.. I don't have a one that I know of. What gave you that impression? Just wondering, as I'm usually(I do say usually here)trying to just join in the topic, and offer decent input,or maybe a spin on light-hearted humor.. and talk shop.. or whatever stuff.. no enemies here... and thanks, but I do know about the "ignore" list.. really don't need it though to overlook ridiculous attitudes.. so... back to the build stuff..

I have memories of several people in the neighborhood I grew up in, one of them was always in his garage working on some sort of plane.. he was a builder for sure.. this must have been 1972 or prior, and I'd ride up on my bike, and he'd always say hello, and just chat away while he worked..that was really my first look into building..

I remember hearing or finding out that these planes took months or some of them years to do they do that I wondered, I was only around 10..

I now know what he/they were talking about.. I worked on a kit for over 7yrs off and on.. I'd do a few steps every few months..I'd put it away for a year, pull it out and do stuff..put it away again.. finally it got completed.. I have one now I've putzed with for 10yrs..nothing fancy...its a really a total restoration of an ARF that' got an extensive overhaul..and I just spend more time staring at it, then I do working on it...not believing I did it to this point... but the point here is...

That's all time I've thoroughly enjoyed... some of that time(not alot really) there was total kaos going on around me, and I needed escape, some of it was when I just needed a feel good thing... those that know the craft know what I'm saying...

It maybe even moreso for those that are true craftsmen, and like me have made a living being crafty in one form or another... So I say if you've got kids in the area that show interest, definately open the door up.. be friendly, let them watch, and answer as many questions as thier little minds come up with.. it leaves an impression and memories that will last a lifetime...ask me. I was one of them.
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