Thread: Build Log 3.5 metre A380
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everything looks good, except the speed control and the packs. the speed controls should be 30Amp. if you look at any 64mm size jet for sale, they all come with a 30Amp ESC for 3S packs. and you'll need for each fan/motor. I only saw one listed. secondly, your packs don't have enough mAh in them for anything decent in flight time. the bigger the better and get the highest C rating you can afford. if it were me, I would be getting a minimum of 2200-3000mAh packs with a 35-40C rating. the higher C rating will keep them cooler and the higher mAh will give you longer flight times. with a plane that big and lots of lifting surface, you should get the largest packs you fit in there. perhaps 4 packs total, or two per fan, wired in parallel. this'll double your mAh, while maintaining the same voltage. which equals massively long flight times. the best bang for the buck are the Nano-Tech packs from Turnigy. check them out.

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