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Originally Posted by rew-7 View Post
Hi Rio

That gyro is a strange one. Been waiting for mine for the past few mornings but we have delayed Xmas post in the UK at the moment so it might not arrive until after Xmas! If mine is like yours I would start by getting the servo to centre the pitch slider on the tail shaft (prob 65% gain-as a starting point based on what you've found) then test hover and adjust the tail linkage to get close to no yaw/drift either way. If the tail seems ok pitch pump to check it still holds, then adjust the gain up until the tail starts to hunt-back of a few % and fly. Then fine tune as you see fit.
Once I get mine and its set up I'll let you know what I've learnt.
The "tail setup mode" turns of the gyro so it is easy to get the neutral position set. It also lets you move the tail pitch to the endpoints you select by moving the stick and then you confirm each direction with the set button.
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