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Originally Posted by gbjbasdw View Post
Lee - I guess what I'm asking for is a step by step guide to setting up the heli.


1. Lubricate all parts.
2. Check upper and lower aluminium blade grip tightness. Squeeze together carefully until there is minimal play when the blade tip is moved vertically.
3. Attach clear tape to trailing edge of one upper blade. c
Unfortunately I do not have the time for that. From what you have written here it seems you have only scratched the surface of what must me done: it is M;UCH more complicated and involved. However, to get you started, for EACH alu blade-holder side (there are two sides on each hub, one for each blade), the upper and lower alu ends, starting where they leave the plastic piece to which they are attached, can be very carefully bent -- with blade removed!! -- up or down, and twisted for more or less pitch. Their ends can come closer or farther apart at the ends, and one can be bent up higher or lower than the other!

See how many possibilities there are?

Note: when I first set up a 5888, it can take several minutes OR 5 or more hours to properly do so. After that, for readjusting pitches or coning angles, from several minutes to a whole hour for each blade set. AND, the upper and lower rotors must be adjusted w.r.t. each other!

The only way you can really learn to do this is just by carefully doing it ....

But it IS well worth the effort (as well as the learning experience).

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