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Originally Posted by Teals1 View Post
.....Appreciate the advice of retarding the spark before starting. Don't want to lose any digits! I'll try an get a photo up of the engine in due course. Allen

Looks like a O&R .60 Special (small intake and airfoil shaped exhaust). Setting the spark is not troublesome at all. The front crankshaft bushing has a slot cut in it for the points to ride on the crankshaft lobe. If you move the points back and forth you will feel the end points as a little tug on the timer.

Facing the engine you want to push the timer arm down till it hits the end of the slot then bring it backup a bit. Every engine is slightly different on where it wants the points for starting, too far retarded and it won't start, too far advanced and you'll get ignition flyer's fingers.

Set the needle valve at about 2 1/2 turns open,timer in retarded position,cover the intake for choke and flip a couple times. It should pop or maybe even start. Once running move the timer up to advanced position that is about 20* from straight up and down. The engine will richen a bit at advance so turn the needle valve in until it leans out and is running at top speed.

Fuel can be petrol and a 60 or 70 wt. equivelent engine oil. Or if you can obtain a replacement tank that is methanol safe (the stock one is not) you can run FAI type fuel of methanol and castor oil. They run cooler and make a bit more power on methanol.

Make sure you have good battery voltage, good connections, clean points (and shut off timer contacts on free flights) and a good coil. Good test is to grab the engine with a couple fingers and put your thumb on the spark plug then prop the engine over holding the prop. Your thumb should get a nice jolt and jerk back ...I'm serious here, it works. Bad batteries,dirty points or connections will drive you mad trying to start your engine.

Hope this helps. If you get stuck just yell, there are some good sparker guys in here.

There is a startup video in my RCG blog's last post of an O&R .60 if you want to look.

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