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OK, a flight report on the Pro with 'motor x' and complete Aeronaut prop setup with 11x4 blades.

Right up front I'll say (based on what I read here) most guys would not be happy with the climb rate of these 11x4 blades. Thrust is good (it will hang on the prop) and it will climb at 50-60 degrees but it's SLOW. Probably way too slow for ALES.

For my preferred style of relaxed sport flying the 11x4s are fine. I like them even. They literally sip battery juice. The Optic 6 has a throttle activated timer and I was bringing it down after 3-4 minutes of motor run time. The 1050 40C batteries were consistantly at 11.4-11.5v. Pretty sure I can push motor run time to 5 or 6 minutes no problem.

I'm gonna keep flying these 11x4s for a while but based on what I saw today I'm definitely ordering a set of 12x5 blades. More thrust and a little more speed, hopefully. If you're after typical 'screaming eagle' Radian performance I'd say go with the higher pitched 10-11 inch props.

Power off flight performance was a little crappier cuz the Aeronaut stuff added weight to the nose and brought the CG forward of the recommended 70mm. My trims were off and I couldn't get it to float like it did the first day with the CG at 75mm back from the LE. Gonna have to do a rebalance.

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