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Originally Posted by zadaw View Post
I had a blade stike today while trying to take off. A couple of servos were stripped in addition to the damaged blades.

I find it very easy to trip over when trying to take off? Can you tell me what is the best way to take off? Do you open the throttle gradually or do you yank it up suddenly at one stage?

I wasn't facing the wind today and this was probably a big mistake, although the wind was relatively mild.
One thing to check for is your swashplate position after your heli binds. I found that if your elevator or aileron trim is not centered when you bind, the swashplate position will be off from level. After binding it seems to be in the opposite direction of the trim. If you bind with trims centered this doesn't happen. Use the mechanical adjustment of the links to get it as close as possible to level. Adjusting the swashplate to level should be done with the swash gyro off (switch 1 on the RX should be set to ADJ (position1)). This will make sure the swash isn't trying to level itself if you move the heli while adjusting. Don't forget to switch it back before you start flying! Otherwise the swash gyro will be disabled.

To take off I usually let the head spin up slowly so the heli doesn't spin to much when the head starts up. I then slowly bring the head up to speed to the point the positive pitch is starting to make the heli light. If your swash isn't level you will probably notice it will start to tip. If all looks good at this point I give it a more aggressive push of the stick to get it off the ground. I like it bring it up to speed slowly so I can check things look ok before I pop it up. If you "yank it up suddenly in one stage", your motor may not be up to speed the positive pitch is kicking in. Once motor catches up you may have more pitch/speed than you want for a normal take off.

Also check that the blade strike didn't damage the swash. The steel ball connectors can strip loose of the aluminum swash after a hard strike. Depending on the severity of the strike, you may have to rebalance the blades too.
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