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Originally Posted by zadaw View Post
I had a blade stike today while trying to take off. A couple of servos were stripped in addition to the damaged blades.

I find it very easy to trip over when trying to take off? Can you tell me what is the best way to take off? Do you open the throttle gradually or do you yank it up suddenly at one stage?

I wasn't facing the wind today and this was probably a big mistake, although the wind was relatively mild.
Usually, stock 3axis's RX only act when there's throtle input so check yours?if just bind heli and there's swash moving then Rx has problem resulting to faster 3axis action when just raising throtle, even 1/3 travel. Try to change for another Esc's (go for earlier post) and you'll never have to worry about tip over symptom (stock esc is too sensitive with high input causing overheat motor,main gear strip easily and blade strikes when lift-off and the bad thing is it can be reprogrammed).
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