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Scot (?) Thanks for the Singer oil link. I did in fact use some sewing machine oil on the metal parts ( centre shafts and bearings ). I used some razor oil on the plastic ball joints etc.

Sorry you are still waiting for your 5888 - it'll be worth the wait when you get it !

Lee - I don't understand your instructions in your post about tracking using clear tape on the trailing edge (T.E. ? ) and your other tip on identifying the blades. Maybe it's just me being stupid !

Can you post a more detailed explanation if you have time ? Do you mean that you attach a small piece of clear tape to the outer trailing edge of one of the blade pairs and so that it hangs off the blade or something ?

I have had the canopy off my 5888 the other day and managed to break off one of the wires to the front lights so I decided to use a small connector to attach the wires from the canopy's light to the main part of the heli so I can 1) completely remove the canopy next time rather than having it attached to the main board 2) Turn the canopy lights off if I want.

I have to say that I am really pleased with this helicopter. It is amazingly stable now that I have lengthened the pitch link arm to stop it moving forward. A real joy to fly around the living room.
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