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Originally Posted by SoloPro View Post
I am beginning to think you got a sample battery, Donaldsneffe, since you reported a much lower weight, and we already figured out it couldn't be a problem with the scale, since we get the same weight for the Hobby King 150.
why do you think, the others have "samples" and not yourself?
We did not figure out that this is not a problem of your scale. We only said, this is strange and unlikely, if your scale gives correct data at one point, this does not mean, it gives correct data at all points.

I have 5 Nine Eagles original 150 mAh batteries (NA-BA927). Three of those are from my three Bravo SX, and two from the Nine Eagles planes (they have the ridge as the HK replacement has).
I again scaled 4 of those batteries (did not find the second plane battery - its somewhere around in my mess).
I used two different expensive lab scales, one of those very expensive and extremely exact (and calibrated).
All three Bravo SX batteries have the same weight (light):
No.1: 4.3321 g scale 1, 4.33 g scale 2
No.2: 4.3179 g, 4.31 g
No.3: 4.2575 g, 4.25 g
(little differences probably because I did not close the window of the extremely exact scale while scaling and did not wait for some seconds, but this is really unimportant here)

No.4 (plane battery, with ridge): 4.6932 g, 4.69 g

So there seem to bee differences and two types of NE 150 mAh batteries - but the Bravo SX batteries (original of set) all have the same weight at least in my helicopter sets.

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