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Originally Posted by SoloPro View Post
I agree with Razor here, for a real improved performance under this load, you might consider the Hyperion 240. 1 minutes extra flight time for 90 mAh extra capacity is quite bad...
Got my Hyperion 240 today, look good.

But they are quite heavy, have 6.5 g without plug and wires.
With wires and plug its 6.81 g, compared to 5.27 g of the 240 mAh Zippy. The Hyperion is also larger.

Did not have to take flight times today, hope to be able to do this on the weekend.

Took the weight of the Bravo SX MIA 300 mod, it is not really heavier than the stock Bravo SX!
29.14 g : 29.06 g - thats really "no" difference.

Some detail pics for Solo Pro.
First I drilled a hole into the frame to mount the tail boom. Wanted to strengthen it with epoxy, but then I did something completely different: I cut the tail boom mounting part of an broken Solo Pro main frame and cut fitting parts from the Bravo SX main frame. Then I glued the parts and strenghtened the fittings later with little epoxa. This connection seems to be very strong. Better would have done it about 5 mm lower, but works well anyway.
Also glued two 2 mm carbon rods for mounting of canopy.
Had to widen the wholes of the canopy a little bit for this, guess 1.5 mm rods would fit perfect - but I had only 1 mm (too thin) and 2 mm - anyway, works well.

Heli is black now:

Bigger pictures for the Dutch fraction...:

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