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Originally Posted by etman View Post
I need help.

I was testing the IC pins of my Hitec RCD9600 to look for the RSSI pin.
I found three pins which vary when the TX is switched on and off.

Pin 1 -> 0.69V to 1.3V
Pin 2 -> 0.18V
Pin 3 -> 0.3V
Pin 4 -> 0.19V
Pin 5 -> 0.19V
Pin 6 -> 0.4V
Pin 7 -> 0.16V to 0.85V
Pin 8 -> 0V
Pin 9 -> 0.68V to 1.3V
Pin 10 -> 0.24V
Pin 11 -> 0.18V
Pin 12 -> 0.24V
Pin 13 -> 0.31V
Pin 14 -> 0.4V
Pin 15 -> 0.24V
Pin 16 -> 3.59V

So I chose pin 7 as the RSSI (Dunno if that's correct)
Then I made the soldering connections.
RSSI is read by RMILEC $10 OSD.

When I connect the power to the RX, the ESC keeps beeping.
I found the culprit is the RSSI signal cable. When I disconnect the cable the ESC boots up fine.

I thought the RSSI needs an impedance, so I added 1000 ohm resistor in series. Seems like its not enough or I'm doing something wrong.

Marking on the chip is

OK I found the datasheet, but it doesn't say which pin is RSSI.
TA 7761
So the RSSI is the "signal level" pin 7?
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