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Originally Posted by Frank_fjs View Post
Man, tracking one of these down is a nightmare. I guess they are still too new.

Finally found a local seller who is seeing if he can order me one directly from NE. Will find out next week sometime. Hopefully I get to join the Bravo SX owner's club soon. He does have the Bravo III in stock, but I'd rather get my hands on the SX.

The SX is significantly faster/more agile than the Bravo III, yeah? What, in general, are the major differences between the fixed pitch and coaxial?

Bravo III or any Solo based coaxial will be much slower and less agile than the Bravo SX or Solo Pro, although piros will be much faster on the coax though.

A coaxial can suffer from blade strike, both counter rotating rotor blades hitting each other, which can almost guarantee a crash. Or they suddenly lose lift in a tight turn, because the blades are stalled, and lose lift suddenly.

Landing a coax is much easier though, a FP will always hang a little slanted in the air, so when close to the ground it will want to slide sideways, and you need to counter that.

A coaxial is more efficient, all power goes to vertical lift, on the single rotor power gets "wasted" on countering main rotor torque. Compared to the Bravo SX you can fly twice as long with the coaxials.

So both types have their plusses and minuses. I love the way the Bravo SX handles, it can do slow controlled flight, but also move fast when given the space. The coaxial is more geared to indoor flying. It handles a little more gentle, although the difference is less compared to the Bravo SX than compared to the Solo Pro, which is lighter and more twitchy. Both are suitable for beginners, but no matter how fine the Bravo SX flies, for a first 4 channel it might be better to choose one that has a canopy that comes off easily, for repairs. On the Bravo SX and III that is more tricky...

This was posted in the Solo/Free Spirit topic, seems like a good deal, Solo shipped worldwide for 55 dollar total:
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