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Originally Posted by SON OF PALEFACE View Post
Gday blokes , just putting mine 2gether , got it from the Aussie warehouse , fast service...
I took the motor out and put in one of these... pretty easy just had to re-drill the three mounting bolt holes , oh and file down the front boss a little to fit into the spinner back plate
Now with the original prop it pulls a tad over 10amps on 3s...plenty of thrust for this jigger
Also had epoxy back in one of the wing blind nut-plates that was full of rubber glue
and will glue in a maggot instead of the lame metal at the rear canopy latch
Should have it going 2morry arfty


PS....................wheres the best CG postition..............and dont say "on the wing"
It's in the manual. Ha Ha Maybe not seeing you are asking. I always mark on the wings the c of g when I initially set them up so I know exactly all the time in case I change batteries etc.

My marks are 55mm back from the leading edge which is in line with the front spar.

That should be right. I always put it there and need extra weight in the nose even with the 3 cell LiPo.
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