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Originally Posted by devemaster View Post
okay- just finished reading the whole thread. Man but you guys are a terribly thorough and ambitious lot!

First off, thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread. I've learned lots which is good as I knew nearly nothing about this wonderful plane that is coming to me in the mail soon. The Minimoa! She's a beauty and I can't wait to get her up in the sky.

I will be doing all the mods you guys have recommended especially the ventilation and hinge work.

I've never bought a plug and play plane from HK so I don't know what to expect in terms of compatibility with other brands components.

I'm thinking about using a spektrum ar600 receiver and Eflite 2100 mAh 20s batts as these are things I have already.

Are the Minimoa esc plug ends compatible with Eflite EC3? What's the best battery weight/size for balance?

Any other advice for the noob?
Yeh - Sell it and buy a:

Just joking I hope - I just bought one and they reckon it is Plug and Play and actually works out of the box. Even when you accelerate it goes level. I'll find out how good it is in a few days.

They are different planes and would not do thermals as good as the Minomoa.

You should have all you need in the reading of the previous posts. I am not sure if you meant 20C or 2S LiPo. If it is a 2S make sure you do not stall it too low or the 2 cell will not get you out of trouble like the 3 cell will.

All the best.
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