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Originally Posted by dbc View Post
Flaps might be fun, but with the extremely light 14oz/ft2 wing loading of this plane, the really aren't necessary. You might want to save the servos for use when you get the Dynam Grand Cruiser or this plane:

You can never have too many (Dynam) foamies!

I tamed the nervous nosewheel steering on the SR by drilling a 1/8" hole just slightly inside the one closest to the center of the rudder servo horn and moving the steering rod there. Nosewheel now moves much less and the plane tracks much better on takeoff and landing. The turning circle is a little larger but it will still just do a 180 turn on a double width driveway.

I'll tell ya what, they may not be necessary, but MAN has it really improved my landings LOL I come in with the flaps down and with it fully trimmed out, I can virtually land the plane off stick with no throttle. its THAT smoothe.

I am going to take some video of it soon and put up. you'll see.

I dig the graphics. after reviewing some pics of the real deal, I am going to shoot for the deep red metallic two tone paint job. its like an old car i used to have.

I have been thinking about putting in a new cockpit windshield that is clear to mount a camera in and get some POV filming. THAT will be fun. get to see my neighborhood from the plane.

I live in the bay area of California, so weather for us has been great lately. gotta buy soe more batteries so I can fly longer.

although, I have had one problem. my front wheel has locked up at the axle. I am thinking that the friction caused the plastic to melt and bind to the axle. has anyone else had this problem? I was thinking of just drilling it out and putting a copper sleeve in the wheel for an axle. that, or get some different wheels. even though it would be heavy, some scale lightweight rubber wheels would be cool. we'll see.
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