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What could possibly go wrong?
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OTOH, that small prop diameter does keep the thrust line low and reduces your thrust/pitch coupling problem. However, I suspect you're paying a pretty high price for it in prop efficiency losses.
Yes, I understood that. In fact, now that I've amended that rear pylon I couldn't fit a 7" prop anyway. The way I like to fly usually suits the 1400 or 1100Kv motors. On the Polaris thread they talk about a 2200Kv motor I think, so I went for the compromise. In fact, I'm very pleased with this setup. I only occasionally use full throttle and then I can get a nearly vertical climb, if I give it a couple of seconds to "engage". The slow, flat turns I've been doing work alright at 50% throttle. I do have to be careful about using the throttle to "get out of trouble". My feeling is that, with this arrangement, I need to feed in the extra power gently. Nothing happens at first. Does that sound right?

OTOH gentle acceleration is good because it gives the canard a chance to respond to the extra thrust. What I mean is, thrust comes first, then extra speed. Canard lift isn't interested in thrust, only speed. So too much thrust too quickly would just push the nose down. Now that I have a smaller prop with it's line running closer to the CG I have very little of that kind of problem.

The "States" is a pretty big place. Where on this side of the pond are you going to be?
I usually go to California 'cos that's where my wife's family live, mostly. This time it's Atlanta, she also has family there. It's a big family, lucky me!


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