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V100D01 RX with the newest version firmware. Final Report!

Just received my RX with the newest version firmware.

First I tried the XP-7A-2 ESC and the XP-12A ESC. Neither one work on this version
firmware either. I was hoping it would work...

Second there is NO throttle delay! Throttle response is quick and responsive!!!
The delayed throttle response (slow throttle react) problem is gone.

Third the slow/delayed throttle stop is still there but it is much better. I'm rough guessing a 3/4 second delay stop with the tail motor.
Before was 1-2 seconds.
This is not enough to do damage to the helicopter in a crash at least I have never seen it posted and for myself it never did any damage
to my helicopter or anything else.

I have not heard back from Walkera from my report to them that there is still a small slow/delayed throttle stop issue.
I do not think they are going to do anything more (V3 RX). Don't hold me to this though.

For myself the newest version firmware is a very big difference from the first version firmware RX.
There is no delayed throttle response (slow throttle react). The throttle response is now quick and responsive.
The slow/delayed throttle stop is much better.

I am happy with this version RX and will stay with it. Even if Walkera does happen to make another version firmware I will not buy it.
I refuse to pay another $50 for the RX on top of the $50 I just spent for the newest version firmware I just got.

It is up to you to decide if you want to buy the newest version firmware RX or stay with your V1 RX or wait to see if maybe Walkera
comes out with another firmware version (and hope that one fixes the problem 100%).

Rick from ClubHeli will also post some information on the newest version RX tonight in my thread. It should be on this page.
He did testing on it also. You can then compare our findings.
It is nice to have two different reports on the RX instead of just one.
Read both our findings and make your decision on what you want to do.

I am now putting my time into doing a detailed review for the Tattooface/Micro-Heli-Concepts JTV100 frame kit.

EDIT: 12-15-10

I timed how long the tail motor continues to run when the throttle is cut with my stopwatch.
Here are the readings I got. My rough guess of 3/4 second before was very close.

.63 second

.64 second

.65 second

I also noticed the early start up of the tail motor when you first give throttle is much earlier than with the V1 RX.

Here are two tests done by Naeseth. He has the V100D01 with the newest version firmware RX.
You can see the throttle response is now quick and responsive.
You can see the slow/delayed throttle stop is now much better better than the V1 RX.

Walkera V100D01 V2 - Delayed throttle response (slow throttle react).

Throttle response is now quick and responsive!

Walkera V100D01 V2 Throttle Response Testing Part 2 (1 min 9 sec)

Walkera V100D01 V2 - Slow/delayed throttle stop.

Slow/delayed throttle stop is now much better better than the V1 RX.

V100D01 Throttle Response Testing (0 min 48 sec)

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