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Originally Posted by HeliFlyer711 View Post
I read your original post before your edit, careful Jonathan, it shows up as an email when you sent it and contains the original text of the post. Not very kind words. You may find that just like the original price you set on this RX, you miscalculated. Your work is not trash, no one ever said that. What I did say is that in the end I think you are the only business in the hobby that surrounds these heli's with so much un-needed mystery and confusion. It's unnecessary anymore. On the other hand I challenge you to change your method of marketing these helicopters to us the hobbyist.

Who am I?
I am a potential customer and I am a hobbyist who loves and is very involved in this hobby and should be treated as such. That my friend is who I am. Address the issues I raised please, not the individual who raised them. Nothing was said in previous post that was untrue or accusative, it just stating fact and can be shown throughout the threads in the micro section of this forum.

See you around and try to have a Happy Holiday.......
Stay on the topic and stop wasting my time. If you don't like the price don't shop here and I don't have to answer to any of your accusations which is totally false and so what if the RX2702V was $131 and now $99. It is none of your business how we are pricing the item. Ever wonder why no dealers have them in stock for $85? Please email Walkera about the $31 increase and stop calling me a lier. You are way off topics. Please stay off the thread, unless you have something to say about the V450 copter that people like to know. The $31 dealer price increase from Walkera is the truth and all you have to do is to verify it with Walkera and not waste my time. Your ID "711" what does it mean, sounds familiar? Why are you explaining who you are when I have not even asked you? Stop following our threads and store making troubles.

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