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Originally Posted by Donaldsneffe View Post
normally you cannot trust cheap scales in matters of /10 g (or g, if its a weight of some kg).

But strange, the same in the HK battery?
Yes, for the HK I get the exact same results as you. My scale has 0.01g accuracy, and I have tested it with verified weights, and it always comes in close to those, just like with the HK batteries. I guess NE has changed battery manufacturer while making these helis, or it got labeled wrong in the factory. It looks a lot in shape like the 150 that came with my Hobbyzone Champ plane, although it has a different connector naturally, and that battery was also disappointing. 4.7g makes the heli even more tail heavy.

I tested with the modified Thunder Power 160, and got almost 5 1/2 minutes from it, before the heli started a little spiral to the ground. Tail holding was excellent, I even had to trim full left since the tail was working harder than with the stock or Hobby King 150 battery, indicating voltage was better kept under load. The heli also responded better to throttle punches. Still 5 minutes with just a little time for a controlled landing was a little disappointing. Btw, also found that this modified battery had gained about 0.2g from putting the NE connector on instead of the micro JST it came with from the factory, so it is not 4.0g anymore, but 4.20g.

So come on, battery manufacturers, we want a 180 mAh cell weighing just 3.8g or so. That would be better suited for this heli.
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