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Originally Posted by Donaldsneffe View Post

No offend, no problem...

Checked it again now. I used an even better and more exact scale than before (see pic).
Checked two ones, both original Nine Eagles NE-BA927 - 4.32 and 4.33 g.
Either you have a very strange battery, or you use a wrong (cheap) scale. The weights I have measured are correct, without any doubt.

I am surprised - I like this (cheap) battery. It is i.e. in my Nine Eagles Twingo even better than most of the (bad, bad, ...) Walkera 400 mAh batteries. I like Zippy 450 and 600 even more...

I will try the Turnigy Nanotec 160 mAh later...


I don't doubt your measurements, but I doubt it is my scale, since I do get 4.60g for the Hobby King 150 batteries, which is identical to what you found.

The 240 may be a nice battery in less current drawing applications, but the Bravo SX draws twice as much power as the Solo coaxes for instance, and I think that is where the Zippy 240 fails, and gives only a minute of extra time in the air.

Originally Posted by Donaldsneffe View Post
Turnigy Nano-Tech 160 mAh: 4:55 min

I think you should try the Thunder Power 160. It is only 4g, and has a high discharge rate, with little voltage sag. After 4 minutes I still needed about 60% throttle for hover, and when the battery was still fresh I only needed 50% throttle. I didn't push this battery too far on it's first flight in the cold outdoor conditions I was flying in. Still these results seem to indicate 6 minutes might be possible. Only drawback of these Thunder Power batteries is that they don't come with NE connector, so you have to mod one on yourself.
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