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Originally Posted by Donaldsneffe View Post

Pfff... if you knew already everything, why do you ask?

Strange, I scaled the Original and the HK replacement batteries, the HK is a little heavier (4.60 h HK - 4.32 g NE)
Sorry if that reply offended you a bit. I knew the latest receiver for Solo Pro and Bravo SX is the RX-01. But I didn't know if the older receivers are also compatible with the Bravo SX, so that if you still have an older spare receiver lying around, and the receiver on your Bravo SX dies, you can use that instead of having to order a new one, or that the RX-01 is only backwards compatible with the Solo Pro. Guess we'll have to wait until someone fries his Bravo SX receiver to get that answer...

Btw, I am surprised to read that your stock NE 150 mAh battery is only 4.32g. Mine is a heavy 4.70g, which makes it heavier than the HK one. Is your stock battery a "NE-BA927"?

Originally Posted by Razors edge 29 View Post
the zippy 240's are not good batteries

avoid them
I agree with Razor here, for a real improved performance under this load, you might consider the Hyperion 240. 1 minutes extra flight time for 90 mAh extra capacity is quite bad...
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