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Originally Posted by SoloPro View Post
Yes, I already knew the latest Solo Pros and Bravo SX both use RX-01.
Pfff... if you knew already everything, why do you ask?

Originally Posted by SoloPro View Post
"A few questions for those who have taken the canopy off. Can someone post a close up picture of the receiver, showing where all the wires go?

And has someone already tried a RX-06 receiver in the Bravo SX? So when you get a problem, and have a spare Solo Pro around, that receiver can be used.
Originally Posted by SoloPro View Post
What I wonder is if older receivers would work as well. I suppose they would fly the Bravo as well, but perhaps the ESCs were upgraded on the RX-01 since the motors are bigger (main motor is bigger too, right?) and does the RX-06 also have a point where the leds could be attached?
I have 6 Solo Pro receivers here (3 working, 3 gone), and 3 Bravo SX receivers and all of them but one do have the contacts for the wires. Only the eldest one (old servo system, RX-04, date October 2009) does not have these contacts. But I guess, those old ones are not sold any more.

Originally Posted by SoloPro View Post
Thanks for the nice pictures. If you don't mind, I will use one of them for the FAQ, so it is clear where the wires should go.
Of course you can use the pics, if you observe the rules...

I checked again the batteries.
I need a little more than 50% throttle (trim in center) for hovering in the beginning with the original NE battery, but you are right, after very short time I also need about 60%. It is the same with the HK replacement battery, so your thunder power seems to be better.

Strange, I scaled the Original and the HK replacement batteries, the HK is a little heavier (4.60 h HK - 4.32 g NE)

I wanted better batteries, so I did the mod for the Zippy 240 mAh.

I used a replacement landing gear of a Bravo III:

I cut the battery mounting (did not work well with a fresh scalpel blade and a new razor blade, but worked well with a good iris scissor - but not good for the iris scissor ).

Little bit of filing - then it seemed ok. It should be as strong as the original landing skid, because the battery-mounting part is not fixed on the sides.

It is very light (1.25 g) compared to the landing skid of the Bravo SX (1.9 g).

Changed the plugs on the rx:

The Zippy 240 mAh has 5.28 g

It fits perfect between the canopy and landing skid:

First I thought, I would have to use rubber rings - but not necessary, the zippy is easily to put in, easily to pull out, and it fits quite well, so no additional fixture is necessary.

Heli without Zippy: 28.7 g:

The whole heli with Zippy battery has now 34 g (33.96 g) - compared to 33.4 g with stock skid and NE orig. battery (but I took too long wires, could easily cut 3 cm red and 3 cm black, then the weight would probably be the same)

But I guess, the results are not worth the effort.

Advantage: the Bravo SX is not that tail heavy any more (recognizable most when putting it on the ground - with stock batteriy the heli easily tips on its tail, much better with the zippy).
I flew three Zippys - fully and freshly loaded. One for "seeing how it behaves", two for taking time (only hovering, as described).
I need a little more than 50% throttle for hovering. The heli is agil, flies well, do not feel any difference to stock batteries.
Zippy 1: 6:50 min
Zippy 2: 6:51 min (really nearly exactly the same time).
So this is about one min longer than with stock battery (I took 5:53 min) and HK replacement (5:20 min).

You have to change landing skids, if you wanna change battery types for flying, and thats not as easy as it is in the Solo Pro.
Only 1 min more of flight time, that is not much for the effort (it is quite difficult to take the Bravo SX apart).


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