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I took the 4F200 back from my model shop yesterday. They did not find anything wrong but I insisted that the belt be tightened.

I flew 3 packs into strong wind conditions today and everything was alright. It handled the wind very well. In fact, it flew much better than my new Trex 250. The Trex would pitch upwards badly while coming out of right turns heading towards the wind. In fact, it would pushed backwards away from me by the wind. It was very disconcerting but this was not seen with the 4F200.

I was flying with normal curve on both the Trex and 4F200. The next stage would to try idle up which should handle wind conditions better, but I have never tried out on electric helis.

I hope that the problem was due to a loose belt, although my LMS thought it was alright originally. This thread had given me a sore taste. I hope DK will be back soon.
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