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I never said Graupner was superior to other systems. Where do you get that from???
I have flown with Sanwa, JR, Futaba and Graupner radios, and can not be said to be any Graupner fanboy as you try to make me into. I go for the system I find to be the best at any given time. For the time beeing this is Jeti Duplex inside a MC-22.

Nor have I ever said that HOTT was developed "in-house" by Graupner. It was developed as a cooperation between Graupner engineers and hired expertise from outside. But I did not say anything about this in my post.
So again. Where do you read me saying that???

What I do know is that Graupner have said that they see the importance of having a 2.4 system that they have full control of.
My interpretation of this is that Graupner have no more patience with empty promises from XPS/IFS and maybe no longer wants to be assosiated with XPS/IFS... (Yes my own conclusion. Feel free to burn me for it if it turns out I'm wrong)

Graupner has also statet that they will support all 3 2.4 systems they now have in their product line. And then let the marked decide which of these systems is preferred. i.e they don't plan to have all of them for ever. Someone is got to go.
Given the proper conduct in every day buisness life I say Graupner is going a long way to mark their distance to XPS/IFS. But then again. I might be wrong. Time will tell... (I'll buy you the matches if I'm wrong)

But ok. To the point.
I'm just fed up with the same persons destroying threads like this with blabla and mumbo jumbo about FCC and all this crap. As a potential user of this system i could'nt care less about FCC and the inner life of the compeeting companies. I just want a product that works for me.
Thats what my post was all about. No more, no less..

It is a well known fact that many companies use forums like this actively to try to "win one over" as a customer. I just don't like that way of doing things as I think most people are intelligent enough to make their own choices based on personal preference.

As I said. I visited this thread to find out more about HOTT since I'm curious about several of the new products to arrive on the market. And do not want to plough through 100 posts of yakyak to find the actual few post saying anything about the product.
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