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Originally Posted by Bobshack View Post
I got into rc planes at 13 and i am 14 now and i have been working my way up through trainers and alot of sim time. Now i just want a plane that will challange me when i fly like it will do aerobatics and go where i rell it to go.
If you have the RealFlight Sim The Edge540T (also a small electric) flies very similar to this plane. Their are 4 main things to be aware of. One is that you need to land fairly fast compared to trainers. This plane is not floaty and will tip stall. It also prefers smooth runways or a dirt road. Grass with the stock wheels is marginal. If you have grass it should be fairly smooth, and I would recommend getting the landing gear set for the Parkzone BF109. It comes with larger wheels that fit the rod size and they are actually the cheapest option. Either wrap the strap around the end of the battery near the leads, or push it all the way forward (a little nose heavy for me) and wrap the strap tightly around the leads. Lastly even on low rates, if you have a good deal of speed and you yank the elevator back the plane will tend to roll to the right. It will not pull out of a dive like other Parkzone planes or a trainer.

For your first flight I would get a good deal of altitude and get an idea how slow you can fly it before it tip stalls. Then land a little faster than that. Also pulse the throttle on landing, especially with the stock prop. This will help keep air over the surfaces.

With the stock prop the plane is quite fast. A common change is to the APC 12x6e prop. It slows the planes down some overall and it will decelerate faster. It also allows for slightly slower landings with a more control due to more prop wash over the surfaces. An 11x7 is pretty much in between the stock prop and the 12x6.

Without much WOT throttle flight times are around 8 min max with a fully charged battery. I would recommend to try to bring it down after about 5 min to account for aborted landings.

Also knowing what you have flow before would help. Do you have other electrics - are you familiar with LiPo planes and batteries. Do you have any other LiPo chargers or will you be using the stock one?
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