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I just quickly mention what to my best knowledge has been tried in F3B in that respect:

-variable wingspan: Tele F

-moulded plane with variable wing thickness (don't remember the name, but it could withstand a winch launch, but pneumatic mechanism was a bit heavy and slow)

-wing with two hingelines for flaps and ailerons, Shark, Logo Team. It worked excellent, but the conventional linkage was a pain in the ass. They could make the overall chord of the two segmented flap much deeper than on wings with only one hingeline.
DC 10 and MD 11 have multi-hingeline rudder to enhance efficiency.

-all moving tailplane with hinged elevator surface: idea: camber change via hinged elevator for high cl, all moving tailplane to adjust "best" angle of attack of the tailplane while flying a turn radius.

-Wing with slats (Daryl can tell you more, his wing had 12 servos)

Among these planes, some concepts are still highly interesting.

*With RDS, one could re-visit multihingeline surfaces. This would allow much smoother camber changes of the airfoil. The RDS rod would have multiple bents instead of one.

*Slats should enable massively increased AOA and higher CL for winch launch. The wing might not even stall in this configuration.
Daryl knew that a long time ago, so not all innovations come from Europe.

*If one would find a simple kinematic for the all moving tailplane with an additional hinged elevator surface, this would be worth a try.

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